Magical Fae Findings in GENRE Woods


Genre is now open. So many wonderful pieces to collect and add to enhance any wardrobe.  Take a peek what some of our bloggers have come up with.

Not had a chance to visit GENRE yet? Click here and  get a free ride!

Helena and Man with Soul By  Priss’ Wardrobe

A Little Fairy By Harper Beresford

Give Me a Chance and Kiss me once before you go By Arica Storaro

Your Highness and Dat Ass! By ICUCammin

genre’s fae By Druuna Metall

Tenues RP No . 49  By Payne Sciarri 

I just Can’t Rely on You and I don’t like living under your spotlight By Swaggor

As Fragile and Beautiful and hopless as a single butterfly and Kiss of a Demon King By Heidi Volare

The Darkside is Taking over By Kenzie Craven

Unseelie @ Genre By Autumn Amaranth

Vanity Fairy Tale By Harvest Dezno

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