Genre’s Mer Folk


Its that time again, another great offering of beautiful things.  This round is dedicated to the Mer Folk,  so prepare to take  an adventure under the sea and discover new and exciting new things.

Genre will open at noon SL time.  Need a Ride? Just click me for a ride to Genre!

Designers Participating:

  • Keystone
  • Eclectica
  • .mien. poses
  • .:Wimey:.
  •  Souzou Eien
  • *paper moon
  • Fuubutsu Dou
  • Roawenwood
  • Spyralle
  • Adoness
  • AZE Designs
  • Distorted Dreams
  • Dysfunctional Designs
  • Chimeric Arts
  • Sweet Lies Designs
  • Kastle Rock Couture
  • HopScotch
  • !dM deviousMind
  • Frogstar
  • Unrepentant
  • The Library
  • 14-FL-OZ
  • Adored Bodyshop
  • Bliensen + MaiTai
  • Senzafine
  • Material Squirrel
  • Mermaid Treasure & Boutique
  • Losthaven
  • Even~Tides
  • The Ugly & Beautiful Design
  •  Sense-able Fashions
  • On a Lark

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