Genre Round: Petites, Half Way Through!

Genre Petites Round
Photo by: Voshie Paine

Genre is still going strong!  Come on by before it ends!  You’re not likely to find such great deals again!

Take hold of the flying leaf, and soar on over to the Event! You will be brought to a larger than life picnic, where everyone can feel like a petite! Be sure to look around, there are many fun things to see.

Don’t just take our word for it, visit these other great blogs and see what they have to say!

Achariya Maktoum

The Fashionable Heart

Gor-Geous Nightmare

Gor-Geous Nightmare

Remember, these items and more can be found at Genre!

NSP Petite Daisy Laurel Wreath (White) boxed


Vengeful Threads - ShiNoir_petiteAdd

A&A Melrosa Hair Petite Edition Color Chart-pic

A&A Kaynes Hair Petite Edition Color Chart-pic

A&A Debbie Hair Petite Edition Color Chart-pic

{NanTra} Tiny Rocker! ad

{RW} Wilderkin Birchbark Table Set for Petites


Bliensen - Little Ms Holloway - Bottlecap Pillbox Hat Ad
Bliensen - Little Ms Holloway Ad

To the moon and back (Petite)

My Buzzy Friend (Petite)

[noctis] Petite Shabby Chest of Drawers_walnut

[noctis] Petite Shabby Washstand old green

_Atomic Faery_ [Genre] Petite Lipstick Hud Kit


Lumae Petite - Una - Blush (August Genre)

ZcZ PETITES Skylar for Genre August

ZcZ PETITES Amadeo For Genre August

squishy fluff - snuggle spot AD

Squishy fluff - caffeine moldcule necklace AD

Squishy fluff - _talk nerdy to me_ panties AD

Spyralle Thornweaver Petite - Red Maple

Spyralle Petite Thornweaver Wings - Palest Pink



Don’t forget! Everything for sale is L$100 or less!

Our very talented Designers for this round are:
sohma dix of *paper moon*
Chandni Khondji of *~*HopScotch*~*
Epic Maidstone of Distorted Dreams
Searlait Nitschke of Roawenwood
Nix Marabana of Anachron
Lumiya Rae of Lumae
aribeth zelin of Atomic Faery
Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle
Arora Zanzibar of .: Zanzibar creationZ :.
Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture
XanXan Jervil of X-Animations
Yelena Istmal of [noctis]
Plurabelle Laszlo of .Bliensen + MaiTai
Vixn Dagger of Vengeful Threads
Alice Klinger of Alli&Ali Designs
Nya alchemi of Fuubutsu Dou
Nancoix Urquan of {NanTra} Poses
Spooky Mistwallow of Kastle Rock Couture
Skyler Glasswing of Squishy Fluff

Be sure to stop on by before the event ends!


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