Genre Round: South Asia

Genre-South Asia
Photo by Voshie Paine.

Asia, an elusive land, sought by explorers throughout history. Ships of hardy men sailed across vast oceans in search of this mysterious place, trying to attain the knowledge and treasures within. Not all of them made it to the end of their journey.

But you, dear reader, have found a shortcut, immersing yourself into ancient and exciting cultures! Unfurl the mystical scroll, and travel into a far off land of rich treasures, and join us for another exciting round of Genre, as we discover the wondrous bounties of Southern Asia!

[ht_home] jhoola brown 4_3
A relaxing swing, built with care by Corvus Szpiegel of [ht:home]. It is available in black, brown, or white wood, for only L$99.

Neha - Teal
A comfortable dress by Augurer of .Luminary. Available in five luxurious colours, with five standard sizes. Permissions are Copy/Mod no Transfer.

~_S.E._~ Dancer's Charm Circlet Pic

An ornate circlet of fine mesh can be found, crafted with skill by Draconias Timeless of ~*Souzou Eien*~ for the remarkably low price of L$100.



Fashionable jewelry, made by Photos NIkolaidis & Storm Torvalar of A:S:S can be yours for L$100 each.



Namaste Animation (Non looped) in 3 adjustments, L$50.

“The Dancer” series of Mesh Art Canvas + Poses, L$99.


Sacred Body Tattoo + Slink Appliers – 12 Tattoo Layer Combinations 3 glove layers in 3 colours (Henna, Kohl, Faded) with slink appliers for hands and feet, L$100.

All of these great products were made by PalomaSnow Resident + Dita Actor of Oddfish Studio



A collection of long, flowing mesh maxi dresses available in seven tri-color, Indian tie dye fabrics. Sold by Dainie Fraina of Artizana Ethnic Couture. In the spirit of hand-made southeast Asian fashions, every dress is embellished with sparkling coin shells and swirls of sequins. Each gown comes with a brightly colored totebag, complete with a large, embroidered owl. Giselle is sold individually or as a fatpack that includes a convenient, all-in-one texture change HUD.


Saima Red Outfit - Sweet Lies jpg

This beautiful outfit is available in Red, Purple and Gold.

Razia Outfit #2 - Sweet Lies jpg

A fashionable ensemble, which can be found in three tones.

Both items were lovingly sewn by hadarah Steamer of Sweet Lies and are available for only L$99


Kimono Sari

Available in three chest sizes, the largest being Lolas Tango compatible. Each version is L$95. Made by June Dion of Barerose Tokyo.


Spyralle Dara for Genre September 2014

Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle has merged the fun and the practical with these shalwar-kameez sets, priced at L$100 per colour.


Eyecatching Exotic Earrings

Eye catching jewelry; the name speaks for itself. Expertly crafted by Ameshin Yossarian of Curious Kitties. Fashionable, and quite affordable, at L$10.


Bliensen - Giddha - Pink Ad

Pretty wedge Sandals, made by Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai. L$100.


[UN] Ashara - Brights

By Jalynne Ohmai of Unrepentant. Item cost is L$100.


Naval In Red Add

Aaral in red add

By Vixn Dagger of Vengeful Threads.



Comes in 6 colours.

Epic Maidstone of Distorted Dreams


Frogstar - Backyard Water Garden Poster
By Ravenna Rossini of Frogstar.


Dark Forge Original - Hindu Tent Arena jpg

By Belford Elman of Dark Forge.


.storybook. - Kali Ad - Genre

From Vix Nirvana of .storybook.


#adored - kali eyeshadows ad

#adored rising lotus henna hand tattoo ad

By Ampersand Artful of #adored.


{NanTra} Bollywood Dreams Ad

Nancoix Urquan of {NanTra}



By Spooky Mistwallow of Mirage Treasure Co.


Lumae - Genre Ad

From Lumiya Rae of Lumae.



By Nix Marabana of Anachron.


FP ASIA Suit - blue

FP Neo Geisha Blossom dress, hair, fans and tattos

FP ASIA Platform Sandals - rigged mesh - blue

FP Adishree Jumpsuit and heels

FP ASIA Jewellery

By Honey Bender of Faster PussyCat.


_LE_ Aruni Aqua

By Anouk Haiku of Les Encantades.

Do not forget, everything you see here can be found for L$100 or less. Be sure to stop by as soon as you can, before these great deals vanish.


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