Genre Round: Southern Asia, Half Way Point

Genre-South Asia

We’ve reached the half way point already! The time sure has flown. Be sure to drop by if you haven’t already; you’re going to want to snap up these deals while they’re still around. Come and take a look!

Our talented bloggers have been hard at work. Check out what they have to say!

Giselle Chauveau: Eternal Prosperity and Endless Horizons

Payne Sciarri: Tenue RP N°92 and Tenue RP N°96 (posts are in French)

Heidi Volare: The Sun Has Blessed You and Land of Enchantment

Deoridhe Quandry: Time With Elephants and I Wear Our Differences on my Skin

Harleyquinn Constantine: Grand Finale and Jinki Love

Druuna Metall: Genre’s South Asia and Genre’s South Asia II

Starcks Silvansky: Captured Moments and Sleeping Dawn

Many thanks to all the bloggers who’ve posted!

To see more of what Genre has to offer, visit our Shopping Guide Page!


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