Genre Round: Androgynous

On the roads of life, there are many paths to take. Some lead to dragons, battle fields and glory, others to simplicity, happiness and contentment. On this day, you have chosen an unusual path, wending past rocks and trees, where you come across another person who appears quite friendly, so you stop to chat a while. You find yourself questioning ‘Is this a boy, or is it a girl?’. Everything from their face, to their clothing, to their manner is a mixture of masculinity, and femininity. You might even start to wonder if gender is as straight forward as you once thought. Working up the courage, you ask the stranger, and with a mysterious grin they answer “Both, and neither.”

Come along with us and explore the middle grounds of the gender spectrum, and join us for another beautiful round of Genre!

C L A Vv. Platform Boots I

Stand tall with these unisex Platform Leather Boots, made with original mesh, and available in 3 colors for L$99. By ThePierrot of C L A Vv.

[ht_studio] androgynous 4_3

Cost: L$99. Made by Corvus Szpiegel of [ht:studio].

NSP Phoenix Rising Angelic Flyer (Pants-Corset)

NSP Phoenix Rising Angelic Flyer (Wings)

Available in 6 different colours with each part being sold separately. Made by Norena Soir of NSP Florals.

A_S_S for Genre - Mason Suit

Cost: L$100 per colour. Made by Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S

~_Souzou Eien_~ Mystic Crystal Necklace

A glowing crystal on a leather cord decorated with metal beads. This item comes with a texture change HUD that includes 8 different crystal options, 5 different metal options, and 4 different leather options. It is Mod/Copy, has materials enabled, and is 100% original Mesh. Available for L$100. Made by Draconias Timeless of ~*Souzou Eien*~.

Frogstar - Whiteout Industrial Loft Poster

Cost: L$100. Made by Ravenna Rossini of Frogstar.

The Stringer Mausoleum - Together Apart - Genre - B

“Together Apart” is an unisex unhawked Mohawk, swept to one side. Unrigged mesh, for better universal fitting, no matter what shape, form, or creature you may be. Available for L$40 per colour, or L$100 MEGApack. Made by Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum.

ZcZ Vaki Blazer Androgynous

Blazer and Shirt combinations, with four handmade shirt logos to choose from, all sold separately. HUD included with options to choose between shirt on or off, and a black or grey collar. Available for L$100, from Arora Zanzibar of .: Zanzibar creationZ:.


Long sleeve shirt designed for use with [ tomboi ] androgynous shapes. Available for L$100 per colour, or L$300 for Full Bar pack. Made by Ϯ tomboi Ϯ of [ tomboi ].


A fantasy coloured androgynous skin that can easily be dressed to preference based on shape. Available for L$75.


Male & Female chest tattoos to make the skin more one or the other for those that prefer, plus freckles, dragon scales and appliers. Available for L$50.


A very simple pair of tattoos, one for the front and one for the back, that show the symbol used for androgyny. Available for L$10. All three of these items were made by Eve Gaelyth of :[Even~Tide]:.

VENDOR Anton Annette

VENDOR Pierre Pierette

VENDOR Juan Juanita

Created by Stormy Panacek – aka Stormy Lorakeet of Armoire.

Rubiconic zebra outfit

FP Rubiconic Outfit – here shown in “Zebra” – has a rigged mesh leather jacket, thong, stockings and thigh high boots; an outfit made exclusively for the glamrocking daring male.
FP RUBICONIC comes in two different textures: zebraprint and fur. Each outfit is L$100 just for Genre.


Girls will be boys in Renegade! A small collection of tailored suits designed in rigged mesh. FP RENEGADE comes in several different textures, for L$100 each. These two items were made by PoosyKat LittleBoots of Faster Pussycat.

A&A Double Trouble Hair Colorchange-pic

Great unisex hairstyle. Absolute novelty: fully menu colorable, each side separately for extravagant color options! Available for L$99. Made by Alice Klinger of Alli&Ali Designs.

Vendor Orecchini Fiore Oro + Argento

Vendor Orecchini Cravatta Oro + Argento

vendor papillon con catena oro + argento

Made with high quality textures and resizer scripts. All three are available for L$50 each. Made by Tokutom of claMberry.

Apricot Paws_ Ribbon Dress_ Galaxy_Catbat Set Preview

Midi-length sleeveless dress with leather belt and shoulder details, plus back ribbon. Three female sizes with four chest sizes for each, including flat! Also includes a Utilizator Kemono size. HUD-controlled texture change, with three galaxy colours and three catbat patterned colours. Avaliable for L$100. Made by Zii Minotaur of Apricot Paws.

Spyralle Surf Wall Clock for Genre

Spyralle Surf Desk Clock for Genre

Working analog mesh clocks, only 3 LI. Included HUD gives a choice of 8 background images and 4 frame styles to customize for your decor. The HUD can also be used to reset the clock to match most time zones (default setting is SLT) and turn the seconds indicator on and off. Surf images are original fractal art by Kerryth Tarantal, unretouched. Available for L$100 each. Made by Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle.

.mien. [ equal ]

Six static unisex poses – permissions are copy/modify, no transfer. Available for L$100. Made by Connie Stratten of .mien. poses.


Androgynous jeans, each package includes 7 sizes each for male and female shapes. Try the demo to ensure fit (some sizes are not standard)! Available for L$99. Made by Nix Marabana of Anachron.

As always, everything you see here can be yours for L$100 or under, but only for the duration of the event. So, hurry on over while it lasts!


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  1. kerryth says:

    Unfortunately, equipping the Surf clocks for the HUD caused the LI to go up to 4. I did some asking around, and evidently this is to be expected with the added script load. I did not find a work-around in the time available, so I changed ad to say LI=4. I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience. – Kerryth

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