Genre Round: Post Apocalyptic

A pale morning sun slowly creeps over the horizon, casting a harsh yellow light upon the ruins of vehicles scattered across the landscape. Broken down and long forgotten, their solitary carcasses decay alone and unseen in this barren, uncompromising wasteland. Dust and debris blow by as a shrill, chilling wind tears at the well-worn and patched hem of your duster, now beating hard against your legs. Readjusting your thick goggles, you trudge ahead, looking for any sign of civilization. Some hours later you reach a ghost town where the wells have long since dried up.

Gradually, a soft hum drifts in from the distance. At first you think it is just your imagination, or perhaps the wind whistling through the ruins, but the hum soon turns into a buzz, and the buzz shifts into a growl, the growl becomes a roar! A large shape suddenly bursts out of a thick cloud of dust less than a meter away from you! A grizzled man on a hover-bike comes to a halt at your side. The stranger gives you a long hard stare, with eyes as careworn as the purring engine of his filthy rusted steed. With a gruff voice and a quick jerk of his thumb, the man tells you to hop into the sidecar. Shoving aside a clutter of conduit sections, cables and a ripped tarp, you climb in next to the hard-won spoils of a long night of scavenging. Wherever this man is headed, there should at least be some clean drinking water.

Pack your traveling case, wear your sturdiest clothes, and don't forget to bring the weapons, as we wade through hordes of mutants, zombies, monsters and vigilantes! Battling the elements, you'll scrounge for resources, and hopefully be home in time for a pint. So let's hop to it, and get ready to go, as we prepare for exciting adventure in another round of Genre!

~_S.E._~ Vera and her little sisters [Bat Weapon Props]

A small collection of roleplay weapon props. This pack includes 4 different styles of Bat. Basic, Studded, Nail Bat, and Spiked. Each comes in a clean and bloody version, with an ‘over the shoulder’ pose that works with your AO. Visit Genre to see in-world representations of each type of bat! Available for L$100 for the fat pack, or L$50 for the singles. Made by Draconias Timeless of ~*Souzou Eien*~.

Wasteland Duster in Teal 14-FL-OZ

The perfect outfit to protect you from the elements of the harsh wasteland. Be the saint of the wastes and look badass doing it! Jacket & Shorts: L$100. Bandana, Goggles, Boots, Undershirt: L$50 per color. Made by Amberly “Ambi” Whitfield of 14-FL-OZ.

#adored killjoy eyebrows

Painted tattoo eyebrows in 6 different designs. Each also includes a tintable version, plus a customizable eyebrow base. Only L$95 per pair. Made by Ampersand Artful of #adored bodyshop.

[ht_apparel] scrapyard shin guards - black 4_3

Scrap metal shin guards, made with 100% original mesh. Materials enabled, and available in two colours. These unisex guards include left and right versions, with or without the knee guard. Each pair costs L$99. Made by Corvus Szpiegel of [ht:apparel].


Unisex chest belts, available in 4 colours and different types of leather. Made with unrigged mesh, and only L$100 each. Created by ahimsa Balut of *[Eclat]*.

Harm's Way Exile Coat in black ad

Harm's Way Exile in copper ad

Harm's Way Exile Boots in red ad

All three of these fashionable items are available in five colours for L$99 each. Made by Harmini Idlemind of Harm’s Way.

Pib Boy

Available for L$100. Made by XanXan Jervil of SadHarlekin.

Fatal Desire Main Ad

Available in 3 colour variants for L$100 each. Made by Lokii Violet of :{MV}:.


For this round of Genre, On A Lark and Sweet Poison introduce the Renzo Bracers – inspired by a Post Apocalyptic world where survival is the name of the game. The Renzo bracers come in male and female sizes and are sold in either black or brown. On each bracer you will find, vials, keys, monocles, keyholes, a rabbit’s foot, and a small pouch of herbs. Available for L$100 each. Made by Lark – Discovering Destiny of On A Lark.

Kaithleen's Bandana Poster SL

Original Hand-made Mesh – rigged standard sizes plus an unrigged version. This practical and fashionable piece comes in 3 camouflage textures, and 5 traditional bandana textures. Available for only L$49 per colour. Created by zlyskritek of Kaithleen’s.

Stargazer Creations Wastelander Girl

The Wastelander Outfit includes Appliers, Hair with Colour HUD and Accessories. All for the low price of L$100. Made by Aggie Mactavish of Stargazer Creations.

GENRE for Nov-ApocalypseSkirt

Made by Spooky Mistwallow of Mirage Treasure Co.


Falling Apart includes three different levels of progression of the cracking and falling apart of the body. Cracking, to Peeling, to Decaying. (Slink, Lola, Omega applier all included.) Available for L$75.


Burned includes two different types of scar, to give any skin the appearance of a fresh or healed burn. Standard sized mesh right arms are included for classic avatars who wish to have the tattoo on only one side. (Slink, Lola, Cute Azz, Omega appliers all provided.) Available for L$75. Made by Eve Gaelyth of :[Even~Tide]:.

The War Dufflebag

A unisex Shoulder bag, made with original mesh, and available in 2 colours for L$99. Created by ThePierrot of C L A Vv.

ZcZ Apoc Outfit

This drop-dead outfit includes a women’s skirt and top, with arm knife, trashcan shield and foot bandage accessories. Available for L$100. Made by Arora Zanzibar of .: Zanzibar creationZ :.


Available for L$100.


Available for L$100. Made by Photos Nikolaidis of A:S:S.

A&A Tina Hair Ash Blonde-pic

This hairstyle will be at Genre in two exclusive colours: Ash Blonde and Beach Blonde, for L$100 each. Made by Alice Klinger of Alli&Ali Designs.

.storybook. - Revelations Ad

Spiked Shoulder-pads, in five colours, each comes with a steel or bronzed spike option. Available for L$99. Made by Vix Nirvana of .storybook.


Kickass boots with metal plates and straps and stuff! They’re rigged and sized for female avatars, but guys may be able to wear the larger sizes. They also come with an unrigged version which can be adjusted for a better fit. Try a demo to make sure! Full version available for L$99. Made by Nix Marabana of Anachron.


Olyvia Brows: Hand drawn thick eyebrows because no one has time for tweezing! Available for L$100 per Color Pack.


Damnation: Original makeup/tattoo to make you stand out! Available for L$70 per Color Pack. Made by Anya McConach & Olyvia Stratten of NOX.

roadwarrior - unstoppable ad

Scavenged post apocalyptic breastplates, available in three designs for L$50 individually, or L$100 for the fatpack. Made by Sion Pearl of Chariot.

22769 ~[accessories] Survivor Mask [ad] 1024 x 768 Pixel

Available for L$99 per mask. Made by 22769.


An original mesh outfit, consisting of pants and a tank-top. All parts come in five standard sizes, with 3 Alphas included. Available for L$99. Made by Epic Maidstone of Distorted Dreams.

Goth1c0_ Apocalypse JacketPIC

The Apocalypse Jacket is a rigged Mesh Female Jacket with separate rigged mesh belt, in a worn scratched leather design. This outfit comes in 5 standard sizes, with Copy, no Transfer permissions. Available for L$100.

Goth1c0_ Post Apoc Heavy Duty BootsPIC

Mesh male boots, made of worn, scratched leather, with tons of belts to keep them safe in place. Includes a resizer script for ease of fitting. Permissions are copy, no transfer. Available for L$100. Made by Keishii Roo of Goth1c0.

Entity_ antizombie liberty refuge

A piece of the Manhattan Liberty Statue, turned into an antizombie refuge-tower. Original mesh, baked and detailed. Available for L$100. Made by Guestier Balut of Entity.

Divastashion Top

Divastashion Top: L$25.

Divastashion Pants

Divastashion Pants: L$50.

Divastashion Boots

Divastashion Boots: L$25. All parts of this stylish unisex outfit were created by Ameshin Yossarian of Curious Kitties.

Spyralle Glare Goggles - Extra Virgin

Remember, safety first with these unrigged mesh goggles! This attachment can be modified for a better fit. Permissions are copy/mod/no transfer. Available in three colours: “Toma Sa,” “& Beans” and “Extra Virgin.” for L$100 each. Made by Kerryth Tarantal of Spyralle.

{NanTra} Road Warrior Ad

6-Pose set, mirrors and mace prop included, for only L$100. Made by Nancoix Urquan of {NanTra} Poses.

[MUSE] Bride of the Apocalypse (Blood)

Available for L$100. Made by Norena Soir of [MUSE].


Short, yet stylish, unisex hair, made with 100%, non rigged mesh. Shaved hair base is included (demo can be found at Genre). Available for L$100 per colour pack. Made by Cruella Pennell of Adoness.

Lumae - Genre November

L$75 Per skin tone, with 8 tones to choose from. Made by Lumiya Rae of Lumae.

_pm_ Shot Up Stop Sign Table advert

Shot Up Stop Sign resting atop of 6 cinderblocks. Perfect salvaged furniture to rest your dirty wasteland feet. Original mesh, materials enabled. Available for L$87. Made by sohma Dix of *paper moon*.


This tattoo can be yours today for only L$50. Made by Voshie Paine of La Petite Morte.

Remember, everything you see here can be found for L$100 or less for the duration of the event. So stop on by and take advantage of these amazing deals!


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