Genre Round: Dark Arts

The room is dark. A single candlestick in your hand provides a wavering yellow light. Your eyes strain against the enveloping gloom … a heavy, dark wood table with three massive carved chairs … half seen objects on a sideboard … two walls of bookcases. An odd odor pervades the room; dust, stale tobacco, and something spicy you can’t identify. Rain sheeting against windows beats its gusty din into your ears… There! A glimmer of hope! Light shines faintly from under a barely seen door. Escape may be possible.

You creep toward hope, one cautious step after another. To your left! There is a glint … and another … four eyes stare out of the blackness. One set rises and moves toward the door in front of you, the other slowly starts to circle behind you. Grasping the amulet the old lady gave you, and sprinting towards the sanctuary which the door conceals, you are briefly dazzled by a bright flash illuminating your path. A loud crack of thunder rings your ears, and a feral yowling screams behind you! Throwing yourself into the next room in desperation, you slam the door!

All is quiet… Your eyes adjust to the light. You are now in a dimly lit room, with comfortable seating. Small flights of books glide lazily past you. Perhaps it is a library? Walking into the center of the room, your toe brushes a chalk-drawn circle with strange symbols around it. The circle glows faintly, and a deep cool voice echoes through the place: “Welcome, acolyte, to Genre!”

(co-written by Peace Smythe)

ZcZ Lotolesse Ring Set

Lotolesse Rune ring set. Fitted to the Female Relaxed SLink hand but easily modifiable for other hands, male or female. This item comes in materials enabled and non materials versions. Available for L$99.

ZcZ Symbolic Mani Pedi

Suitable for Maitreya Lara and SLink AvEnhance. Both hands, and feet, are included. Available for L$75. Made by Arora Zanzibar of .: Zanzibar creationZ :.

~FF~Pentacle Dress

Pentacle Dress: Mesh long sleeve dress with a pentacle on the chest and back of skirt. Comes in 8 colors with a texture change HUD and 5 mesh sizes. Available for L$100.

~FF~Pentacle Vest with Shirt

Men’s Pentacle Vest with Shirt: A vest with pentacle on the lapel. Shirt and vest are separate, each comes in 8 colors with a texture change HUD and 5 mesh sizes. Available for L$100. Made by Becky Doulton of Furry Fashion.

BP - Cursed Practitioner

Cursed Practitioner: The road to hell is paved with good intentions, wear this mask as a warning or a trophy so other people can see what happens when power is misused. This product is 100% mesh, material enabled (Advanced lighting must be enabled to see these features), with scripted texture changes for multiple horn and mask options. The gems are tintable to match any outfit you might wear and are resizable! Available for L$100.

BP - The Burning Curse

The Burning Curse: A scripted prim based flame set, which allows for color tinting, links to make designs between your flames, and many other customizations. You can control 3 to 12 flames , 2 toned or single colored flames, as well as being able to tint the flame links. Default settings included, along with speed & distance controls to achieve any demonic or angelic look you like might like to present. Available for L$100. Made by Mirajai Maven of BluPrintz.

~_S.E._~ Crafted Wands Pic

~_S.E._~ Druidic Wands Pic

~*Souzou Eien*~ is offering two very different styles of Wands for this round of Genre. Each comes with 4 different wands (ranging from 1-2 land impact each) and 2 displays (1 land impact each). The Crafted wands offer a more refined look while the Druidic are closer to nature. All wands are Mod/Copy/No Trans and 100% Original mesh with materials enabled. Available for L$100. Made by Draconias Timeless of ~*Souzou Eien*~.

[noctis] Magus Castle bookcases

Darkwood castle bookcases (unscripted): Bookcase 1 is 1LI, Bookcase 2 is 2 LI, Bookcase 3 is 3 LI. Available for L$70 each for the duration of Genre.

[noctis] Magus crystal balls

Magus Crystal balls that light and swirl on touch. Crystal ball 1 is 2 LI, Crystal ball 2 is 3 LI. Available for L$45 each for the duration of Genre. Made by Yelena Istmal of [noctis].

[ht_apparel] voodoo doll avatar 4_3

Available for L$99.

[ht_apparel] voodoo doll 4_3

PLEASE NOTE: This Voodoo Doll is not a griefer tool! You cannot jinx your victim against their will and there are cooldown timers built-in to avoid spam and excessive use. Available for L$99. Made by Corvus Szpiegel of [ht:apparel].

Chimeric Arts & Fashions - HumanSkull

A hand painted and modeled human skull with a detachable jaw, perfect for all sorts of dark rituals. Available for L$100. Made by Punkerella Summers of Chimeric Arts & Fashions.


Mesh Tarot set: touch scripted with a full 78 card tarot deck and 6 card layouts. Also gives quick position and card descriptions with short possible meanings. Includes owner only and public versions. Cloth provided, but not attached, so you can rez the deck right on your table if you choose. Available for L$99. Made by Nix Marabana of Anachron.

_pm_ Devil Trap advert

Devil trap Decals: Three separate decals made to look like chalk drawn devil traps! One fresh, one worn, and one broken. Available for L$75.

_pm_ Devil Trap Rug advert

Devil Trap Rug: Single grey rug embroidered with a white devil trap. Making home decor easy to snare a demon with. Available for L$50. Made by Sohma Dix of *paper moon*.

Sn@tch Analisa Makeup Vendor Ad SM

The Intense Analisa Eyeshadows with bright neon lids and cat eye black eyeliner are a great deal! This set includes basic black matte lipstick and 10 shadows on tattoo layers, all for L$50. In addition, the horns (pictured above) are available separately, for free!

Sn@tch Mala Leggings Vendor Ad SM

The Mala Leggings are wickedly sexy rigged mesh in 9 colors including basic, black, and white. They come with all colors and 5 sizes included, for only L$100!

Sn@tch Cursed Ballerina Vendor Ad SM

The Cursed Ballerina is damned to dance! This mixed mesh outfit comes with an unrigged unholy tutu (sizing script included) as well as 8 ragged grungy halter tops on system layers. Slink Physique and Omega Applier Huds included. Available for L$100. Made by Ivey Deschanel of Sn@tch.

Eclectica 'Baphomet' Mask-Black

Eclectica 'Baphomet' Mask-all colours

Original mesh Baphomet/goat masks, copiable and modifiable, with texture changing horns and eyes enhanced with materials. For your baaaad inner goat! Available for L$100 individually, or L$350 for the fatpack. Made by Tiffy Vella of Eclectica.

Remember, these amazing deals are only here for a limited time! So stop on by before the magic dispels, and everything fades into shadow and dust.


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