May Round: Anime!~ Shopping Guide!

This round of Genre is Anime themed! A lot of awesome designers came together for this round and the goodies that are going to be available starting TOMORROW are pretty darn amazin’~ Let’s take a lookie, ne?

First up is Fujiwara’s World with their “Kawaii Cat Tail.”

._ FW _. Kawaii Cat Tail Preview

100L~ A cute-kawaii cat tail with big pink ribbon. The tail will come modify-copy, the ribbon is detachable, and there is uv/shadowmap for the modders. -Business Blog:

Next we have a cute hair accessory from Muse~

[MUSE] Chibi Choo Hair Toy - Candy

95L~ A cute hair accessory with 5 colors. Adult & kid sizes available as well as the option to resize.

Next is Nekotron with their Dakimakura

[Nekotron] Dakimakura (PG Version)


A simple mesh body pillow with a cute anime girl picture (12 different ones, all of them are PG!). Modify, so you can add your own pictures if you like. Comes with a unscripted and scripted Version, scripted version includes a holding animation and attack animation with a cute “Baka!” (idiot, fool in japanese) sound. :3 -Business Blog:

The next is a personal favorite of mine, loving Chobits and all. Eruda Eyes by Paper Moon

_pm_ Eruda Eyes advert_pm_ Eruda Eyes advert variations

There are 5 packs in all:

*pm* Eruda Eyes: Vivids/Lights
*pm* Eruda Eyes: Vivids/Darks
*pm* Eruda Eyes: Odd/Darks
*pm* Eruda Eyes: Odd/Lights
*pm* Eruda Eyes: Collector Pack
Each pack has 6 colors. Each color has a system layer and mesh versions.

For the event, each pack but the collector pack is only 100L, collector pack is 300L

Next is a common anime lover want… a kendo sword. I’ve always wanted one anyway… <~< ❤

~_S.E._~ Shinai Kendo Sword Pic

100L~ A carefully crafted and as close to authentic as I could get it without tearing my hair out Shinai, Kendo Practice Sword. This sword is equipped with 3 AO compatible carry poses that change by clicking the item. It has materials enabled and is only 1 land impact if you decide to rez it. Also included is an unscripted version if you’d like to use it with a sword AO or just for the heck of it.

The shoes Anachron made go really well with the sword too, since they’re tied on tight for all your practicing needs!

Anachon-Poster-Wall-Waraji-Black Anachon-Poster-Wall-Waraji-Brown Anachon-Poster-Wall-Waraji-Navy Anachon-Poster-Wall-Waraji-White

99L~ Waraji sandals are sometimes worn by monks in the real world, they were worn in the past by different classes of people as disposable footwear, and also by shinigami (soul reapers) in the Bleach anime. These ones are rigged mesh, and include 6 rigged sizes (3 for male shapes, 3 for female) and 2 editable unrigged sizes. Available in 4 colors, try the demo to ensure fit!

Kazama Store brought us a bunch!

Backpack Angry Gremlin Banner BackPack Gizmo BannerEmbedded Metal Mask BannerHakutaku Horns BannerHair Anime Twin Tail BannerHair Anime Lass Banner

Hair & Backpacks 100L a pack. Horns 85L and face metals 75L.

All of these items Are unique and exclusive for Genre event, You cant get it at other store or way, the copies are completly deleted. You cant get it at my store, they are just at genre, and limited time but you can get some similar stuff at the Kazama Store and some complements would look nice with thoose items.

The biggest anime/manga cosplay store I know is joining us for this round & Bare Rose brought two magical girl outfits to celebrate the anime round~

Flat Pretty Momona Flat Pretty Aoi Pretty AoiPretty MomonaPretty Aoi-LPretty Momona-L

85L a pop~ Available in normal, lola’s, or flat options.

Next is Chimeric Arts, who made masks and hair especially for the M3. These masks look amazing so I’m really excited about them, I hope you agree!

Chimeric Arts & Fashions - Anime Mask Genre AdChimeric Arts & Fashions - Anime Hair Genre Ad

-Anime Mesh Masks
-$100 L each (Regular $195 L)
-Hand Painted, Alpha Masking Transparency (won’t glitch with bangs)
-Mesh masks for the M3 Mesh Anime Head available in the Crying Glittered, Fancy Glittered, Mischievous Jester, or Broken Doll designs.

Rope Bun Updo
-$100 L each (Regular $245)
-Hand Painted, No transparency
-Richly textured hairstyle designed for the M3 Mesh Anime Head, currently available in Brown, Blond, Red, or Black.

Next up is a frilly piece by Faster Pussycat~

Faster Pussycat Genre Anime Event

FP TSUKI rigged mesh mini dress: comes in 3 different colour colbinations

FP REBEL TSUKI Rigged Mesh Platform shoes for SLink Mid Feet: 3 colours to match the dresses

And to match the dress and shoes: FP LittleFawn antlers with a crown of roses – 3 colour combinations.

All items are heavily discounted especially for Genre’s shoppers, selling for less than 50% off regular price.

In the name of the Moon, Blinsen & MaiTai came out with some mesh body compatible red boots so you can save the world!

Bliensen - In the name of the moon! - red Ad

100L~ Anime inspired boots, rigged for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP and for the SL avatar (alpha layers included). 8 vibrant colors. Save the galaxy!

The Dimensional store brought us an arrrrrsome pirate set with cute accessories!


Dimensional its a anime store, most of the items are kinda Fantasy/Sci-fi but This time i tried to take a ride at the pirates way and there i did some stuff like this:
1 Animated Bird 50L
2 Peg Leg (kemono and avatar 2.0 sizes)75L
3 Pirate Hook 20L
4 Pirate Shorts w/Texture Hud 100L
5 Pirate Captain Hat w/Texture menu 100L
All of these items Are unique and exclusive for Genre event, You cant get it at other store or way, the copies are completely deleted.You cant get it at my store, they are just at genre, and limited time but you can get some similar stuff at the Dimensional mainstore and some complements would look nice with these items.

Next is an adorable set by Lost Junction which stole my heart with their Tsukimi set~

Lost Junction - Nabemono Set - Anthy Lost Junction - Nabemono Set - Hagu Lost Junction - Nabemono Set - Kuroneko Lost Junction - Nabemono Set - Tsukimi

Nabemono Set

Genre Price: 100L
Regular Price: 200L (50% off @ Genre)

Nabemono, often called “Japanese Hot Pot” is a meal cooked in a pot on the same table everyone’s eating at. Different ingredients are cooked in the broth, and often dipped in raw egg as a sauce. Each Nabemono set has 15 pieces with a color scheme and different plate design inspired by a different anime character! Itadakimasu!

Mikazuki’s brought us adorable turtle seats to love and cuddle!

TurtleSeatYuu TurtleSeatTenmaTurtleSeatSat TurtleSeatMasa TurtleseatJun TurtleSeatHina

50% off for the duration of genre.

These cute turtles are more than happy to have a friend sit on their backs, their insides may be squishy like a pillow but the shell is quite sturdy!

Each contains 18 single animations, and weighs only 1 land impact on it’s original size.

They are moddable and tint-friendly so color them however you like.

Need some new Kemono/M3 eyes? Dun worry, Studio Blaylock came to the rescue!

Sugar Stsars

Sickly Sweet and Vibrant, these eyes are beautifully Painted to give your AVI that custom look.
Price: 30L Per eye or 100L for the fatpack This is a discount from 50L per eye or 200L for the fatpack.

The Stringer Mausoleum - Diamond Baby Eyes - Genre The Stringer Mausoleum - Yakumi V2 - Genre

L$0 Wearables Tester, L$45 per pair, L$270 Event MEGApack – 50% off for the event

Diamond Baby Eyes are of anime eyes, with little diamond accents. So many already have Hearts and Stars, here is something a bit different for you all. They come with System, Mesh, and Petites sizings in each pack.

L$100 per colour, L$250 Event MEGApack

Yakumi V2 is a hair I created for myself, based off my popular Fantasy Faire Hair, Yakumi. People have been bugging me for it, so since it fits the theme of Genre this month, I thought I’d do up some anime colours, and set it out. I highly doubt this will ever be a store release, so grab it while you can.

Jian’s joining us with some adorable spirits~

Jian __ Kodama Spirits Ad Jian __ Tomodachi Tree Ad

100L Each, the K   odama spirits come with optional sound & fade while your tree friend has a texture change option. Both are animated! 😀

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations finishes off our shopping guide with a cute place for you to sit and rest while you gaze over the glory of your shopping trip. It all starts soon, so be ready! :*

pawpaw chairs vendor ad_black pawpaw chairs vendor ad_white

Original meshes, handmade sitting animations, resize script included. In each pack there are 2 versions of the chairs: “regular chair” and “low chair”

Item cost: 100L$ each pack.
Disconted: 40%

Coming in late since I missed the NC from them due to it being send to Winry is a bunch of sweet mods for the Raven’s BJD head!

.__Kakurenbo__. Store Dominique mod (Raven BJD Head).__Kakurenbo__. Store Muerto mod (Raven BJD Head).__Kakurenbo__. Store Pier mod (Raven BJD Head).__Kakurenbo__. Store Mitzy mod (Raven BJD Head)

Special skin mods, what works with two BJD anime heads by Raven. Textures made with special Japanese program. As tool was computer mouse.

Can works like unisex. Skin head works with classic body skin, Nauha body (body skin by Raven), 1 standard color skin at Avatar 2.0.


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