Call in the soldiers, because this round is Military!!

Bang in the noise~ Anyone lovin’ on the military will be lovin’ on this round! We have a nice amount of goodies ranging from decor to clothing.~ Let’s get started!

Nekotron brought us some camo bags~

[Nekotron] Camouflage Bags

Short Description/advertisement (in words) for your product:

These bags come in 6 different texture versions and with holding animation (One for normal Avatars and a Kemono version, for the really narrow shoulders). A unscripted version is also included. The bags are fully modfiable, so you can recolor or retexture them to your own liking.

Price: 50L each, 200L Fatpack

Noctis brought us some decor to make our scenes real~

[noctis] Renegade Army Hideout SQU[noctis] Renegade Army props SQU

Renegade Army Hideout: 11-15 Land impact. Ramshackle hideout with straight and corner versions. Unscripted.
Renegade Army Props: Army green barrels and ammo box. Unscripted. 3 LI

Renegade Army Hideout: 99L (Will be $155 after Genre)
Renegade Army Props: 45L (Will be $75 after genre)

Nantra brought us some bugel boy/girl poses~

{NANTRA} Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Ad

Nantra’s brought us six static poses with a mesh bugle & Mirrors included to complete the look.


My own little store, Tanoshi, has brought you guys a military set for cute girls and Kemonos~

BulletbraceletadsmLTG Ad SmSky high Mod Ad SM

Military inspired and colored lolita dress that is original fitmesh, with a bullet bracelet that’s unisex and comes with a lace and unlaced version which are colored to match the dress. Lastly a kemono mod inspired by the air force that’s been tested with a buuunch of meshie parts for Kemono! M3V & Kemono Mod.

$99L Each (For everything, even the dress) during the event

Cog & Fleur Brought us an awesome military uniform!


This is the second of Madison’s Military Outfits. This set, for soldiers in the Army of the Lion, includes a long jacket with lion buttons/lapel, a short jacket w/ 8-color/texture HUD, with or without Lion decal, and a set of trousers with and without lion paw prints embossed on the legs. Accessories and matching shoes will be available. I have items for the Dragon Uniforms almost done, and hope to add them to the selection as well.

Price: Jackets: Jackets $249L each, trousers $129L

Amount Discounted for Genre? $99L each, Trousers $79

As a sexy little mix from the uniforms, Kastle Rock Couture brought us a sexy camo skirt.


Rigged mesh skirt in 5 standard sizes with texture change hud containing green, sand and black camoflauge fabrics, 3 leather belts and silver, gold or no studs options.

Price: 100

Mikazuki brought us a little army of penguin plushies!


The Awesome P-Team consists of highly trained Penguins who will gladly “Stand guard” at their designed locations. They also really like hugs.

Weighs only 1 Land Impact on it’s original size.

They are moddable and tint-friendly so color them however you like.

Plushie version also included with an animation that only affects your arms so you can take them on walks.



Fission made sure we had a casual and a formal outfit for our military wives out there, complete with boots!

Fission-Hiking boots ADFission-Vivian dress ADFission-Wilma Tshirt ADFission-Yvette capri AD

Hiking boots: Women’s boots, Slink and unrigged, 3 colors
Vivian dress: Retro pencil dress, 4 colors, standard sizes
Wilma Tshirt: Knotted tee, 4 colors, standard sizes
Yvette capris: High-waist capris, 4 colors, standard sizes

Price: Hiking boots-L$119, Vivian dress-L$79, Wilma Tshirt-L$39, Yvette capris-L$49

Mermaid Treasure Botique joined in with a flippery naval fleet!

MTB Little Sailor MermaidMTB My Sea  Captain

1. My Sea Captain Full Mesh. Embroidered collar and sea green embellishment….New and at 79L for Genre. Usual
2. Little Sailor Mermaid – Cute Mesh tail, sailor collar and hat….L$299

1. New and at 79L for Genre
2. 200L for Genre

Vengeful threads brought us outfits and nails to complete tosay’s shopping guide!

Vengeful Threads - Mens - Urban Warfare_AddVengeful Threads - Womens- Urban Warfare Mini Dress_AddVengeful Threads-Slink Nails-Stars_In_Camo_Add

Casual outfit for the males, alluring outfit for the girls, and slink nails to finish it all off.

99L each


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