From the oven and in to the frying pan~

If you’re a dragon’s egg anyway. ;D With the underworld passing along we’re entering the age of dragons where you ear or be eaten! From cuddly and adorable to sultry and sexy, the designers come together to take you on an adventure through the age of dragons!

Ab. Fab starts us off with a sexy Kiyohime tattoo.

[Ab.Fab] Kiyohime Tattoo Poster

Chinese inspired dragon tattoo with a scaled backgrounnd. Appliers for slink, Maitreya, and Belleza.

99L for the duration of the event, 50% off for Genre!!!

Coming in next we have Nekotron~

[Nekotron] Dragon Backpack AD

A simple dragon backpack for all our cutesy dragon lovers out there. It’s modify, so pretty easy to make it fit your avatar~ Includes a plain and shiney version.


Following that cute behind is Noctis with a some cute dragon lovers decor~

[noctis] Precious Dragon egg [noctis] Usurper decoration

Freestanding and column mounted versions, touch lid to open/close
30% discounted during the event, 99L.

Open/close wearable dragon egg with static pose. Bonus (unscripted) shoulder pet.
30% discounted during the event, 90L.

Freestanding and column mounted versions, touch lid to open/close
30% discounted during the event, 75L.

Anachron follows up with a dress fit for a woman of the stature to own Noctis decor~


5 sizes included in dress version and corset only version, 2 alpha layers, unrigged feather brooch is mod to adjust position and size. 5 color sets available. ((very) loosely based on the outfits of the Dragon Age character, Morrigan)

Price: $L99

Amount Discounted for Genre? 1/2 price (regular price $L199

Stepping on too many dragon scales? Don’t worry, Blinsen & Maitai brought us some amazingly detailed shoes to avoid the pain!

Bliensen - Fuchur - Dragon Wedges - Shoes for Slink & Maitreya

Carved dragon wedges for Maitreya or Slink Mid Feet
Price: 100 and 66% off for Genre~

Blu Prints brings us some more accessories and decor~

BP - Crystal Egg BP - Dragon Tophat

A scripted Crystal Egg that changes color, emits a glow, and can be turned off. A materials enabled product that requires a material able viewer for full effect.

Price: 100 which is 50% off the normal price for Genre!

For any aspiring dragon folk aiming to be classy while mingling with humans this hat comes with 4 metal options, 6 horn options, and scripted controls to resize. The hat is also mod friendly if it’s just not sitting right on your head!

Price: 100 which is 50% off the normal Price for Genre!!

Decorative dragon eggs for aiming to show off their collection. Available in 8 Egg Colors, with 2 Metal stand options. A materials enabled product that requires a material able viewer for full effect.

Price: 100 which is 25% off of it’s normal price for Genre!!

More clothing fit for a queen follow the beautiful decor by Abathyr & Cog

C&F-dragon-queen-poster C&F-dragon-queen-SCEPTER512

Mesh gown in dragon scale texture.  Included are shoulder pauldrons in gold dragon scale with drape.   Scepter is a 10L goodie offered as well for the event!!! Each gown is marked down to 100L for Genre, so hurrt while the offer’s on fire! ;D

Suicide girls decides to gives us flight in their new mesh wings~

Mother of Dragons wings AD

Mesh unisex wings in Black, White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each color is sold separately. Price: 100L

Even Tide brings you back to your dragon roots so scales can join your wings and bring you to the world of the dragon~


A slight update on a well loved classic, New Dragon is a Unisex Tattoo of Dragon Scales. 9 colors. Each includes appliers for Slink, Omega, and TheMeshProject as well as system tattoo layers.

Price: 75 which is on sale from 125L for the duration of Genre!!!

To complete your dragon look, turn no further than to Sinful needs~

sn_panel_basilisk_drago_tiamat_skin_only_512 sn_panel_basilisk_drago_tail_512sn_panel_basilisk_drago_horns_512

Two Skin tones, one male and one female, for both SL avatars and an array of appliers. Horns and tail also available. Everything is exclusive to Genre and discounted down to 100L for the event. Both Horns & Tail are mesh, and tail is animated~

Worry not, with Win Factory around even our boys won’t be cold!

WinFactory Dragon Scale Hauberk

This armor is 100% original mesh content. It has been rigged as fitted mesh and tested on various sizes. Five chromatic dragon scale colors to choose from in all.

Price:50L per color, 150L for the fat pack

Amount Discounted for Genre? 50%

Tanoshi finishes up this round with~

DraggieadsmDragon Cauldronsm

Cauldron is decor and is 4LI. Has bubbling sound and animated water * fire. Original mesh & on sale for half off at Genre for 99L!! To keep you company while you stir the pot, draggie is an original mesh plush friend with animation that keeps him held up by your head as you skitter about and do your thing on SL. 99L per pet, available in 6 colors.

I hope you enjoy the dragons!


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