And we’re in to the Twilight Zone!

Do-de-do-do~ Do=de=do=do~ When I said things were getting weird I meant because this round’s theme is the twilight zone and the goodies that came in are so out in the left field they took even me for surprise, and I’m a strange one. O3o

Starting us off is Black Tulip with their own little part of the twilight zone as a prop and photo set!!

[Black Tulip] Props - No More Time (ad)

Product Name: Props – No More Time!

Surreal photo prop scenario with six custom poses and corresponding mirrors, and two projector lights

Product Name: Decorative – No More Time!

Small decorative version of the photo prop – It has no poses nor lights.

Don’t worry if you fall, you’re covered!

[ht+] head bandages 4_3

[ht+] head bandage

– unisex

– unrigged mesh (fits most standard & mesh avatars)

– 3 versions (full, face mask, skull cap)

16 texture options (via HUD)

hide/show eye patches and neck strap (on according versions only)

When you’re ready to get up and climb back in to the madness~

Bauwerk offers a set of stacked chairs for décor and a ladder with which stands completely on it’s own and holds an ominous crow. O:

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Twilight Zone Full Pack [ad]

Ready to get dressed for your trip? Backwards, I know but isn’t everything?

adoness-twilight zone-add

Adoness brings in a two piece mesh outfit that’s black and white.


A special edition of our popular black leather skirt with silver metal studs and a totally Twilight Zone design. 5 Standard sizes and alpha.

Price: 75L

DRBC ADPosters - crush tank - talky tina DRBC ADPosters - lil lottie - step inside DRBC ADPosters - lil lottie - tick tock

lil’ lottie comes in 5 Standard Mesh Sizes, plus Slink Physique and Belleza Freya, ,Isis, and Venus.

step inside is inspired by the iconic spiral in the Twilight Zone opening. Spirals have long been symbolic of gateways to other worlds – even the ancients carved them into stones to represent doorways and passages to another dimension.

tick tock! Why be tethered to flow through time in a linear fashion? Time is fluid – and possibilities for the odd and unusual lurk behind each second. Perhaps even the chance to stop time itself! Inspired by the iconic Drost Effect Clock in the Twilight Zone

crush tank comes in 5 Standard Mesh Sizes.

talky tina – She’s cute, and her name is talky tina. You’d better be nice to her or she’s going to kill you. Who doesn’t love a demonic doll? Talky Tina was doing that way before Chucky. Inspired by the Twilight Zone episode: Living Doll.

Price: L$100

  Fission-Dana sweater set AD

Fission’s adorable sweater outfits mix autumn’s coming with the beginning of madness. ❤

Three piece set; all pieces come in fitted and standard sizes; 4 color combos.

Price: L$ 80

Goth1c0_ Timeless HeelsPIC

Goth1c0 has made some timeless and sexy heels with oddly awesome patterns right up one of these crazy allies!… alleys? Is that a word? 😡

Rigged mesh high heels for SLink High feets with Controller HUD that has 12 fabrics, 5 trim colors and 3 metal options. No mod, copy, no transfer.

Price: 250L

Amount Discounted for Genre? -150L— Price at Genre will be 100L

Need to accessorize? Don’t worry, there’s more! *[Eclat]*’s necklaces are simple and elegant

e=mc2-necklace-silver-ad_001 hypnosis-wheel-necklace-silver-ad_001

-100% original Unisex Unrigged Mesh Necklaces, with 3 different metal colors, materials enabled and mod so it can fit any neck-

Price: $L100 each

Koffin Nails - Slink AD - The 5th Dimension

Get your nails done with Koffin nails, bringing the Twilight Zone to our fingertips!

Prepare to enter another dimension that’s just at your fingers (or toes). Dark Passions has nail appliers in your favorite applier models just right for the Twilight Zone round. Available in Slink, Belleza & Maitreya

Price: 80L


Fuubutsu Dou brings some TMP skins to the table!

5 Skins made for TMP mesh body. Can be color matched to TMP preloaded colors.

Price: Single TMP Skin 75L$ All 5 Skin Colors 100L$

Spyralle Scarab of Eternity

Another necklace to adorn yourself with by Spyralle

Inspired by “Queen of the Nile,” the 143rd episode of the original “Twilight Zone” series, the Scarab of Eternity is a pectoral ornament in unrigged mesh. This Cool Color Pack is HUD controlled, providing 4 body colors that can be mixed and matched, plus 6 pearl colors. Two versions are in the package, one shaped for the female figure and one for the male figure.

Price: 100L


Lovely Alien makes sure you have something small to carry all your goodies out with you~

An eye-catching clutch available in three graphic patterns.

Price: 55$ per purse / 100$ for fatpack

 Twilight Zone Unisex Tattoo AD

Suicide Girls brought some ink to tell stories in silence with your body~

Mesh unisex wings in Black, White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each color is sold separately

Price: 100


Before you leave, bring a little weirdness home with you!!

Uncertain smiles has some twisted forks that’ll always let you remember the weirdness from the one and only~ Do-de-do-do-do-de-do-do~


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