BTF Shopping Guide!

I’m late, I’m late! Too bad the theme wasn’t Alice in wonderland, huh? I am so sorry for the GIANT delay, back to the program is a little harder than I’d hoped for! Here’s the line up for the Back to The Future round of Genre!

We have some awesome goodies from the past, to the present, to the future in this round. Firstly we have some cute décor from Little Llama!!

The set includes all three items in 4 colors, discounted for Genre. Take a step back in time with this set inspired by 1950s diners, bring the sock hop to your dining room.

LL Retro Diner Set

Discounted $149L for Genre’s duration!

Keeping with the theme of décor, you’d have to ignore all of these to make it to the future. Ht:home brings us some traffic signs.

Discounted 50L for Genre![ht home] futuristic traffic signs GENRE

Mirage Treasure Co. made an outdoor lounge.


26 animated single sits, 16 couples cuddles and 27 adult animations. Item is 13 Land Impact.

Discounted 250L for Genre.

Paper Moon’s Decor really sealed the deal on our school dance décor this round.

_pm_ Enchantment Under the Sea Banners advert

For this round we brought to life the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance with a set of banners for the event!

Discounted for the event to only 50L

Lastly on Decor before we move on over to decorating ourselves is an adorable little communication device by Spyralle!

Spyralle Time Traveler's Communication Device

Victorian-styled tabletop-size machine spews fax messages controlled by touch menu. You can choose from 10 messages on the menu or stop the faxes from the same menu. The faxes are both particle and self-deleting prims (up to 8 at a time). Original mesh and textures.

Discounted to 100L for Genre!

Koffin Nails went cute and punny with their black to the fuchsia nail set!

Koffin Nails - Fatpack - Black To The Fuchsia

220L – FatPack

80L – Sold Separately in Slink, Maitreya & Belleza Versions

Curious Kitties brought you an animated hover board with matching gloves!

①Retro-futuristic hover-board. Animated in several different ways with particles for “Unreal” type avatars by Curious Kitties.

FuturesPast Hovercraft

②80s “future” style gloves for “Unreal” type avatars by Curious Kitties.

Tomorrow Gloves




Amount Discounted for Genre?

①50% Off

②75% Off

Anachron took hoverboarding to the next level with a fully functional hoverboard with a riding AO!!


It’s got a HUD to change between 6 pad colors, 8 glow colors (with 4 slots for custom colors), and built in hoverboard riding animations. 6 color schemes available.

Price: $L99

Amount Discounted for Genre? Lots! Regular price will be $L299

Tanoshi went Western with their Time Herder Set which is all sold separately for 100L a sale.


Goggles, neckerchief, and hat included.

75L off for Genre!

Keeping the cutie bloggers in mind, Tanoshi made a still pose-prop hoverboard with 6 static poses.


On sale 99L for Genre. 😀

Rook joined in on the posing, making poses from a specific scene in the movies!

2 person pose based off Biff and McFly…”Hello? Anyone Home McFly?”

{Rook} Anyone Home Ad

Price: 100L

Amount Discounted for Genre? 60% off



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