This holiday season we’re kickin’ it old school.

Reaallly old school, and keepin’ it fancy too! This round is Regency, and everyone has brought out some amaaazing things for you all to decorate yourself with for this upcoming holiday season!

Firstly, Senzafine brings us some mesh evening gloves.

._SF_. _Theodora_ Evening Gloves Ad

These beauties have different versions included and 6 hand poses!

50% off for Genre!!

Atomic Faery is up next, with a gorgeous set of jewels for you to snow off to the other nobles!

_Atomic Faery_ MargueriteNecklace

Bejeweled chain with a combination of round, marquis and teardrop cut gems. Unrigged for easy adjustment, comes with a hud with four different metal options and 9 different gems, across three different faces [up to three different gem colours at once]. Materials need to be enabled for the full effect.

Price: 275

Amount Discounted for Genre? 99

Following that are shoes by Avatar Bizarre!


Original mesh shoes, unrigged and fit for slink feet.

Price: 100

Amount Discounted for Genre? 75L

Uncertain Smile made a beautiful tea set!!!


A regency styles tea set, materials enable with 7 pieces, 1 Li each

Price: 100l

Amount Discounted for Genre? 66%

Following we have some more jewelry, because you know we need the pretties to be complete!

Amelia rings ADCharlotte Collar AD

Charlotte collar in 3 different colors

Amelia rings for slink elegant 1 & maitreya hands in 3 different colors

Price: 100l

Anachron brought us a gorgeous dress to wear with all our accessories!


The Empire dress comes in 6 regency named colores, giving you the options of 5 sizes and two alpha layers. (One with no feet for the girls who like floor length dresses!) Materials Enabled.

50% off for Genre!


Need to stop a take a break? Blu Printz can help!

BP - Draped Lounge SeatBP - Lounge Seat

Includes 4 poses, scripted texture changes for fabric and metal. Access and materials can be toggled for those wanting to share (or not) the wealth. The perfect seat for any regency period decor.

Price: 100$

Amount Discounted for Genre?
(Draped) 50%
(W/oDrape) 30%

Eclectica brought us some gorgeous regency shoes, with gemmed buckles!

Eclectica Regency Shoes- all colours

Tiffy Vella of Eclectica offers these Regency-era walking shoes, in a range of brocade finishes in authentic colours. These are copy/mod-friendly, materials enhanced, original mesh shoes, and fit Slink medium feet. Each pack includes two pairs, so that you can choose between two fabric versions. One pair is soft suede, and the other a glossy brocade. These are beautifully made- try a demo pack and see!


$L95 specially for Genre.

Amount Discounted for Genre?

These will be priced at $L250 per pack after Genre.

Want to keep a bit of regency by your side? Entity made a gorgeous Chaise Lounge~

Entity_ 1800's Chaise Lounge pic

Antique chaise lounge from early 18th century. Upholstered with purple brocade with white wood base. Contain 22 solo animations, 22 romantic and 27 sexual animations. 7 land impact, completely baked and original mesh.

Price: 490L

Amount Discounted for Genre: 390L

Once we’re ready to be up and about, Fission brings us another beautiful dress to wear!

Fission-Caroline gown AD

Caroline has standard sizing and four color combinations.

20% off for Genre


Want to fill more of your closet? Goth1c0 is offering a beautiful and richly colored gown.

Goth1c0_ Antoniette GownPIC

Long gown in 5 standard sizes plus fitted mesh option. Done with soft velvet fabric and black lace.

Price: 100L

Little Llama is here with more decor so you can keep the elegance with you at home!

LL Hollywood Set

Low LI decor, includes mirror, cabinet, and lamp.


Almost ready to be picture perfect? Oddfish has a mixture of items to offer. ❤

Oddfish AD _ Regency RosesPosertry AD_  Poses for Poseys (Regency Genre)PS^AD _ Petal Peepers (FatPack)

Detailed information available on their blog:

All products are offered at Genre’s special 100L price!

Not quite ready for pictures? Don’t worry we have more clothes!.. and more!! O: Curious Kitties brought some beautiful and elegant dresses with matching accessories!

Quaint Rosette Dress - Fancy Red, Black, Off-White, WhiteQuaint Rosette Hat - Fancy Red, Black, Off-White, WhiteQuaint Rosette Shawl - Fancy Red, Black, Off-White, White

A cute holiday outfit for Curious Kitties Unreal Avatars!

Dress L$500
Hat L$100
Shawl L$100

Amount Discounted for Genre?
Dress L$100
Hat L$10
Shawl L$30

Krystal brings us some more elegant jewels~ I can’t get enough jewels…

Regency - Jewelry Set - GoldRegency - Jewelry Set - Wrought Iron

Diamond only and “MultiJewel” (gem change scripted) versions available in gold, platinum, and wrought iron. 12 stones to choose from in the MultiJewel versions.

Price: 75L / Diamond Only Versions
100L / MultiJewel Versions

Amount Discounted for Genre? Approximately 2/3rd’s off.

Eclat’s got a simple and cute dress available~


Regency Dress is an original rigged product that comes in 3 different colors – Beige – Pink and White.

Price: $L100

Spyralle’s up next with hats and matching hat homes!

Spyralle Set of Regency Bonnets

Spyralle’s Regency Bonnets (also known as the Bennett Bonnets) are inspired by the designers most favorite book in the whole entire world, Pride and Prejudice. However, she did not think of naming them after the Bennett sisters until fairly late in the game; thus, Mary and Kitty are off gadding about someplace, probably walking to Meryton. Jane, Lizzie and Lydia are the most interesting, anyway.

The hats are unrigged mesh and can be resized. They won’t match what else you’re wearing. Matching was not the wardrobe shibboleth it is today.

The bile of bandboxes is to add to your collection, because, as we all know, even a bad hat is worth buying for the sake of getting pretty hatbox.

Price: 100L for all three hats
100L for all three bandboxes

Amount Discounted for Genre? At least 67%

The Stringer Masoleum’s rose and pearl lined turban is like a dream~

The Stringer Mausoleum - Dreamstress Turban

The Dreamstress Turban was inspired by the trend of hair wrapping, that appeared late in the Regency Era. While not all the rage yet, the woman that did pick would spend much time decorating the wraps with fresh flowers, gems, feathers and anything else that suited their fancy. My version is a partial non rigged mesh, that can be worn as is, with a hairbase(not supplied) or even modded to be worn over very fitted hairstyles. There are 6 colourations created for Genre.

Price: L$79 each/L$349 event MEGApack

Amount Discounted for Genre? 33% off

Sinful Sky rounds up nearing the end of the shopping guide with pearl jewelry!

Victorian Set AD

Victorian Set: Necklace & Earrings in 3 color variations (sold separately)

Price: 95L$ each set

Amount Discounted for Genre? 62% OFF

Last but not least, Tanoshi has some goodies as well!



Kena’s socks are original mesh & texture collaboration between Lamp*Light and Tanoshi. TMP, Maitreya, and Slink options available. Unrigged Original mesh bow, & color change hud included.


Mary’s headdress is an original mesh & textured headpiece with four center options and a color change hud included.



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