This round of Genre is for the Queeeeeens! Drag Queens, yes, and though our shopping guide is light, the event still has some really great things in it! From Make-up to clothing and accessories we have some really good stuff for you to jump in and pick up to be as fabulous as you want to be!

First up we have devious minds with an amazing boa set!

!dM deviousMind _Paris La Grande_ __COLOR PACK__ FeatherBoa

Supernatural made some “Queenie” make-up with omega, LL, and catwa appliers!

.__Supernatural__. Queenie Eyeshadow

Next up we have some amazing glasses!

[ht+] dame glasses 2_1

Chimia made some sheer stockings with colored bands and light shading! Omega and Slink appliers!

ChiMia__ Sheer Thigh-High Stockings PIC

Little Llama made some awesome décor with lipstick and a lipstick couch!

LL For The Queens

Next is Mad with some “Rugirls” make-up. Includes TMP, Catwa, Letluka, and Slink head appliers.

Mad' - Rugirls [Make-up] [POSTER]

The last goodie of the night are these gorgeous dresses by Adoness!



Our bloggers did a great job with the Regency round, here’s a look at the goodies they put together! Items from Regengy should now be moved in to designer’s mainstores, but if not please contact the owners to see if the item is available for purchase!

Anitya Leclrec :

Daeberethwen Arbenlow :

Trixie Cliassi :

Sugarfairy88 :

Polly Elan :

Shadow Rothmanay :

Akira Voorhees :

Deoridhe Quandry :

Kerilynn Easterling :

Annika Neiro :


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