[[Genre]] Blogger Spotlight: Sugarfairy88 Resident

Sugarfairy88 Resident

I have said it before, and I will keep saying it until I’m blue in the face: [[Genre]] has some amazing bloggers!  Ever since I began working with them back in April of this year, I have been more and more impressed with the work that they do for our talented creators, and the styles they manage to put together never cease to amaze me.  A few months back, we were looking for ways to recognize these bloggers for all the hard work that they do, and together, Voshie and I came up with spotlighting a blogger each round who has done exceptional work with us during this past round (and other rounds before it).

The way Blogger Spotlight works is this: Each round, we will feature one of our bloggers in their very own spotlight post, to be posted on the 13th of the month (the day before the Shopping Guide for the next round comes out).  How this blogger will be chosen will be based simply on doing what they’ve been asked to do as [[Genre]] bloggers: How many posts did they make last round, were all of their posts reported without having to poke and prod them, were their pictures in our Flickr Group so all you lovely people can see them?  Each round, I will choose someone of those that qualify, and feature them here.  They will also be on our sidebar for the duration of the next round as our Spotlight Blogger.

This month, we have chosen…

SL Name: Sugarfairy88 Resident
Prefers to be called, “Aqua”.

How long have you been blogging with [[Genre]]?  Since July of 2015
Happy belated blog-iversary with [[Genre]]!  Lolol.

What is your typical “style” that you prefer to put together/photograph?
Fantasy & Sci-Fi with some modern thrown in.  I have begun doing some decor-only photos as well.

What has been your favorite [[Genre]] theme so far?
The Twilight Zone theme.

What is your favorite thing about blogging, in general?
I love getting items I would have never noticed and turning them into fun art, sharing them with my audience.  I love gaining inspiration from SL and RL, and producing something new and exciting.

What advice would you give to new bloggers who are just starting out?
Do what you love and do not give up.  You will build your audience and they will see your love for what you do.  And it’s ok if your tastes change over time.  Use your blog to express yourself.  Always be yourself!

Aqua’s Blog: Light In Darkness

All of Aqua’s posts from [[Genre]]’s Polynesian/Islander Round:

What I’ve (Tivi) personally seen from Aqua is a blogger that has stood out to me from the very beginning of my time with [[Genre]].  Her photos always jump out at me from the Flickr group (in fact, I believe one of her photos was the Featured Image for the New Republic round of Genre), she is always posting more than is required of her, and she has a styling sense that is very unique, able to use the items given to her in different ways while still showing them in the best possible light.

She does myself, personally, as a Blogger Coordinator… our entire team… and our designers… a wonderful service with her being a member of our blogging team.

Thank you, Aqua!

And thank you to those who are reading!  You’ll get your shopping guide for the much-anticipated Burlesque round tomorrow (August 14th), and the round will open on the 15th!


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