[[Genre]] Designer Spotlight: [noctis] by Yelena Istmal

Well hello again!  As you may have noticed, we’ve started Spotlighting a blogger on our team each month before the Shopping Guide comes out, and so why not do the same with the Designers as well!  Each month, 1 week after we open, you will see a feature on a non-permanent designer – a designer who designs regularly for [[Genre]] but has not applied to be a “Permanent” designer as of yet.  1 week after the Halfway There post, we will spotlight a Permanent Designer.

We hope to provide the well-deserved recognition to our designers, as well as keep you coming back to our blog for more than just the Shopping guide!  -laughs-

That said, without further ado, let’s get to know…

Store Name: [noctis]

SL Name: Yelena Istmal
Prefers to be called, “Yelena” or “Yelly”.

How long have you been participating with [[Genre]]?  Not sure… over 2 years.

What sort of creations do you most often release at [[Genre]]?
Furniture and Home Decor.

What is your typical “Style” that you design?
Dark Victorian, with a slight sprinkling of Goth and Steampunk.

What has been your favorite [[Genre]] theme so far?
I’ve been inspired by so many, it’s hard to say.  But I really enjoyed making my items for the Burlesque round and went a little bananas for it.  🙂

What is your favorite thing about designing, in general?
Texturing.  I am a texture and a detail freak.

What advice would you give to new designers who are just starting out?
Be patient.  It takes time to develop a brand and for people to get to know you and your products.  In the meantime, love what you create and focus on quality and detail.

Teleport to [[Genre]] to see Yelly’s wonderful creations!

Teleport to the [noctis] Mainstore to see more of Yelly’s work!

Personally, when I (Tivi) say the blogger pack for [noctis] for this round, I was personally exhausted on Yelly’s behalf.  She mentioned in her mini-interview above that she ‘went a little bananas’ for this round, but going bananas can be such a good thing, especially in the case of quality products like these.

I’ve seen a lot of our bloggers choose to use most of these pieces in full sets, and I know some of you are going to just fall in love the moment you see them in person at [[Genre]], and/or utilized in our bloggers’ posts when you get the Halfway Through post on the 1st.

Until then, shimmy on over to [[Genre]]’s burlesque round to check out [noctis] and all of our other incredibly talented creators.



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