[[Genre]] Designer Spotlight: Spyralle by Kerryth Tarantal

As promised back on the 22nd of August, the 8th of September has rolled around and it is time to spotlight one of our Permanent Designers.  Permanent designers with [[Genre]] are just that… permanent.  They have applied for such status and thus participate with us in every round.

This particular designer creates some truly unique and beautiful pieces, and so I am thrilled to spotlight her in our first Permanent Designer Spotlight.

Without further ado…

Store Name: Spyralle

SL Name: Kerryth Tarantal
Prefers to be called, “Kerryth”.

Business Partner: Tailahr Winnikow (creates scripts)

How long have you been participating with [[Genre]]?  Since May of 2013.

What sort of creations do you most often release at [[Genre]]?
More jewelry and accessories (including unisex) than anything else, but I try to mix it up.  I’ve done female clothing, home & garden decor, silly gadgets.  I wouldn’t rule anything out.

What is your typical “style” that you design?
Spyralle doesn’t really have a “typical style”, though we lean mostly toward fantasy, steampunk, and medieval, plus goth when appropriate.  I guess you could say it’s “Art”.  The consistent theme is the use of color and texture to make something that is visually interesting and, I hope, pretty.  I try to design to the theme, independent of any niche perceptions about my store.  If I ever see myself in any kind of box, I will be looking for ways to step outside of it.  Or poke fun at it.

What has been your favorite [[Genre]] theme so far?
Oh, man!  So many, so many.  I tend to like the latest one best, whatever it is.  I really loved the first one I was ever in: Sci-Fi.  Of recent themes, the New Republic.  I love ALL the historical themes.  I like the themes that force me to go outside my comfort zone and try new stuff, which is most of them.

What is your favorite thing about designing, in general?
The treasure hunt aspect of following a trail of ideas and processes and “finding” the final result.  The downside of that is going off on side tracks that make the project take longer.

What advice would you give to new designers who are just starting out?

  1. Master the technical skills: 2D and 3D creation, in-world photography, copy-writing, etc.
  2. Practice design skills: Composition, color, form, line, texture, balance, contrast, unity, scale, proportion, yadda yadda.  Typography and ad layout, etc.
  3. Educate your eye, all the time: Go outside of SL.  Take photos in the real world.  Be observant of light and shadow, shape and color.  Go to your local bookstore and look through the high-end design-oriented magazines.  Read Vogue – I’m serious.  Use Pinterest.  Go to museums and art galleries.  Don’t do it with intent to imitate what you see, but take it all in as compost for your creative mind.
  4. Network with other creators, but do be cautious about what you share and who you trust.  I’m terrible at networking (and I’ve been burned badly in the past), but even though I’m very solitary in my work, I’ve made good friends and found some great collaborators over the years.
  5. If you’re going to make clothing, learn how clothes are put together in the real world.  Where are the seams?  What are the pattern pieces shaped like?  What direction does the fabric grain go?  What does Good Fit really look like?  How do different fabrics behave?  What do they look like from six feet away?  How are edges finished?

Teleport to [[Genre]] to see Kerryth’s gorgeous costume dress!

Teleport to the Spyralle mainstore to see more of Kerryth’s work!

I (Tivi) admittedly only learned about Spyralle through [[Genre]], and I have to say, Kerryth never fails to produce quality, unique work.  I love seeing what comes out of that mind of hers, and I love even more seeing what our bloggers do with it round after round.

If you missed our bloggers’ interpretations of the current round of [[Genre]] you can scroll back to the post before this one, where you can see all the Blogger Posts from the first half of the event.

You’ve got only 4 more days to shop the Burlesque round of [[Genre]], so put a fresh coat of makeup on, grab your feathers and pasties and get over there to see what our designers have cooked up for you.


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