[[Genre]] Blogger Spotlight: Purr Foxclaw


Back in April of this year is when I (Tivi) first took over coordinating [[Genre]]’s bloggers and one of the first things Voshie had me do was do an open Blogger call to get some fresh, new bloggers into the group.  As of this moment, we have not spotlighted one of these talented bloggers just yet, so that they had time to get their feet wet and truly get into the swing of what it means to be a [[Genre]] blogger.  Here, though, this month, you will see the talent of one of these additions.

The way Blogger Spotlight works is this: Each round, we will feature one of our bloggers in their very own spotlight post, to be posted on the 13th of the month (the day before the Shopping Guide for the next round comes out).  How this blogger will be chosen will be based simply on doing what they’ve been asked to do as [[Genre]] bloggers: How many posts did they make last round, were all of their posts reported without having to poke and prod them, were their pictures in our Flickr Group so all you lovely people can see them?  Each round, I will choose someone of those that qualify, and feature them here.  They will also be on our sidebar for the duration of the next round as our Spotlight Blogger.

This month, we have…

SL Name: Purr Foxclaw
Prefers to be called, “Purri”.

How long have you been blogging with [[Genre]]?  April 2016 onwards.

What is your typical “style” that you like to put together/photograph?
Classic sexy stuff that is very girly girl… I do love fantasy and portrait stuff as that is something I’ve enjoyed putting together and shooting.

What has been your favorite [[Genre]] theme so far?
Polynesian.  That was such a fun round with so many gorgeous Polynesian themed goodies sent by our fabulous designers.

What is your favorite thing about blogging in general?
Playing with lights, shades, and textures and giving a picture that edge or shine!  And working on a picture in Photoshop is absolutely fun cause you can add, tweak, glossify (word!) pictures right there.  I sometimes forget the time when I’m in Photoshop.

What advice would you give to new bloggers who are just starting out?
Well here are my Top 5 items I’ve learned over time…

  1. Windlights are your best friend.  Play with them, tweak the settings and see how your picture lighting, look and feel changes.
  2. Angle of the shot can sometimes push the picture in focus.
  3. Take pictures to disk at maximum or close to maximum width and height, along with high res snapshots selected (Advanced menu option).
  4. Use the png format so that you don’t lose some of the picture quality.
  5. Consistent and regular blogging – that will keep your viewers engaged if they expect to see goodies every day or every other day.

Purri’s Blog: Purry’s Blog

All of Purri’s posts from [[Genre]]’s Burlesque Round:

When I added Purr to the [[Genre]] Blogger team back in April, she was someone I had heard of based on her consistent posting and her quality photos.  I was thrilled to see that she had applied, and looked forward to seeing what she could do with the unique themes that [[Genre]] offers up every round.  Sure enough, she has never disappointed me yet!

Thank you, Purri, and keep doing the amazing things you’re doing.  I’m so excited to have you as a part of our team.

And thank you all again for visiting and giving some much-deserved attention to another one of our Spotlighted bloggers.  Be sure to visit their blogs and give them a follow.  Keep on the lookout for what Purri and the rest of our amazing team will do with the upcoming Prehistoric round…

The shopping guide will be up tomorrow (the 14th)!


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  1. purr Foxclaw says:

    Reblogged this on Purry's Blog and commented:
    Yayy!!! I’m in the Genre Blogger spotlight – thank you Samineh!!!

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