[[Genre]] Designer Spotlight: {Nantra} Poses by Nancoix Urquan



Each month, 1 week after we open, you will see a feature on a non-permanent designer – a designer who designs regularly for [[Genre]] but has not applied to be a “Permanent” designer as of yet. 1 week after the Halfway There post, we will spotlight a Permanent Designer.

That said, here is this round’s non-permanent designer…

Store Name: {Nantra} Poses

SL Name: Nancoix Urquan
Prefers to be called, “Nan”.

How long have you been participating with [[Genre]]?  Since July 2014

What sort of creations do you most often release at [[Genre]]?

What is your typical “style” that you design?
I am a Theme Girl, so whatever the event theme requires.

What has been your favorite [[Genre]] theme so far?

What is your favorite thing about designing, in general?
Finding a new angle on a theme, sometimes turning it on its head.

What advice would you give to new designers who are just starting out?
Make stuff you love.  Be excellent to your customers and fellow designers.  The rest will follow.

Teleport to [[Genre]] to see Nan’s wonderful creations.

Teleport to the {Nantra} Poses mainstore to see more of Nan’s work!

When Nan says she’s a ‘theme girl’, she means it!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her, since she began making poses, do a mainstore release, ever.  And that’s not to say she lacks product – quite the opposite, actually!  She has a store full of such a diverse range of poses, anyone could go in there and walk out with something they loved, or something they never knew they were looking for, because they didn’t know they could find it.

With the amount of events that exist out there, creators are beginning to become more like Nan, but I have never run into someone who could spread themselves to wide across so many genres and nail them all in a way that makes her store so multi-faceted.  I look forward to seeing what she comes up with each round that she participates in.

You’ll get to see how some of our bloggers have utilized her poses in our Halfway There post on the 1st, but until then, get on over to [[Genre]] before the items go extinct!


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  1. I especially appreciate the mirror copies of every pose from Nantra.

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