Blogger Spotlight: Roxie Idlemind

PeanutButtah [Roxie Idlemind] Pf Piccy

Genre Blogger Spotlight is back!!

The way Blogger Spotlight works is this: Each round, we will feature one of our bloggers in their very own spotlight post.  How this blogger will be chosen will be based simply on doing what they’ve been asked to do as [[Genre]] bloggers: How many posts did they make last round, were all of their posts reported without having to poke and prod them, were their pictures in our Flickr Group so all you lovely people can see them?  Each round, I will choose someone of those that qualify, and feature them here.  They will also be on our sidebar for the duration of the next round as our Spotlight Blogger.

This month, we have…

SL Name: Roxie Idlemind
Prefers to be called: Peanut Buttah

How long have you been blogging with [[Genre]]? For about a year now 🙂

What is your typical “style” that you like to put together/photograph? Me, I dont have a set style of such. I love the whole mix and match just like a surprise Bag of sweeties =D

What is your favorite thing about blogging in general? Where do i start, I mean besides meeting some fantastic people and being apart of something creative, and exploring new things new shops new creators tbh i dont think i could pin point a fav, I’m highly in love with it and have been since i started 4 years ago ♥

What advice would you give to new bloggers who are just starting out? Honestly, the best advice i could offer would be enjoy it, dont let yourself feel pressured and dont change your style just to FIT in, be yourself express yourself anyway you want to… and if you get turned downed by one of your fav stores or a new store or anything etc , dont feel like your not good enough. Dont lose that spark that got you there in the first place… just plod on doing your thing and HAVE FUN!!! 

Peanut Buttah’s Blog:

Peanut Buttah’s Flickr:

All of Peanut Buttah’s posts from [[Genre]]’s Vikings Round:

Thank you all again for visiting and giving some much-deserved attention to another one of our Spotlighted bloggers.  Be sure to visit their blogs and give them a follow.  Keep on the lookout for what Peanut Buttah and the rest of our amazing team will do with the upcoming Victoriana round…

The shopping guide will be up on the 14th!!


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