The Celts Blogger Spotlight – EloenMaerdrym Resident

The Celts Genre Spotlight is here!!!

The way Blogger Spotlight works is this: Each round, we will feature one of our bloggers in their very own spotlight post.  How this blogger will be chosen will be based simply on doing what they’ve been asked to do as [[Genre]] bloggers: How many posts did they make last round, were all of their posts reported without having to poke and prod them, were their pictures in our Flickr Group so all you lovely people can see them?  Each round, I will choose someone of those that qualify, and feature them here.  They will also be on our sidebar for the duration of the next round as our Spotlight Blogger.

This month, we have…

eloen september 2017

SL Name: EloenMaerdrym Resident
What you prefer to be called: Eloen

Blog URL:
Flickr URL:

What is your typical “style” that you like to put together/photograph? I try to a SL realistic photographer, mixing fantasy, roleplay and urban styles.  I love to create different scenes and unusual combinations.

What is your favorite thing about blogging, in general? How it allows me to expand my imagination, to create my story through the photo im doing.  Blogging allows me to express my voice, what i like, what i dislike, my passion and the things i care about.  And i love to “doll up” 😀

What advice would you give to new bloggers who are just starting out?   Oh, i still have so much to learn myself!  But i would say to all new bloggers:  read a lot, check all tutorials, learn the photo techniques, and most importantly see what is “you” and its not.   Don´t try to imitate. Just be yourself and find your own style.  Don´t be a blogger for the “free stuff”, blog cause you love it.  Otherwise you will miss all the fun 🙂

Thank you so much for this interview, it was such an honor for me! ❤

..:: Eloen’s  The Celts Genre Posts ::..
Blog Post 1 || Blog Post 2 || Blog Post 3

Thank you all again for visiting and giving some much-deserved attention to another one of our Spotlighted bloggers.  Be sure to visit their blogs and give them a follow.  Keep on the lookout for what Eloen and the rest of our amazing team will do with the upcoming Designers Choice themed round…

The Designers Choice shopping guide will be up on the 14th!!


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