Genre’s Final Round – Winter Fantasy Role Play Shopping Guide

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that this is the final round of Genre. When Genre was first created 5 years ago, it was the first of its kind, to focus on the different communities within SL. Over the years, Genre has had an amazing array of designers participate from all spheres of…

May’s Shopping Guide – Sci Fi

This month Genre’s designers are pulling out all the stops to bring you the best in Sci Fi! Opens at noon SLT on May 15th. Stargazer is offering a very specific gift for those genoid maidens!   Items available

February – The Vikings Are Invading – Shopping Guide

With the advent of a new year, Genre has undergone some changes. First off that visitors will notice right away is the build. Genre will now have a permanent build where designers are able to best display their items, and thus making it easier for shoppers to find them! The last and probably most notable…

December Round – Mongols

Genre’s December round is now open and it celebrates the culture and the nation of Mongolia. All items 100L or less excluding fatpacks

November – Disco Fever Hits Genre

For the month of November Genre’s theme is Disco! Break out your platforms, tease up that hair and dress in your best polyester suit and lame gown and come join us at the party. Everything is 100L or less (excluding fatpacks). Grab your taxi here: Genre.