Victoriana – March’s Shopping Guide

Genre’s March round is all about Victorian and Victorian inspired creations! Here is a taste of the creations to be offered at this round! Advertisements

February – The Vikings Are Invading – Shopping Guide

With the advent of a new year, Genre has undergone some changes. First off that visitors will notice right away is the build. Genre will now have a permanent build where designers are able to best display their items, and thus making it easier for shoppers to find them! The last and probably most notable…

December Round – Mongols

Genre’s December round is now open and it celebrates the culture and the nation of Mongolia. All items 100L or less excluding fatpacks

October’s Shopping Guide – Lovecraft

This October round is all about Lovecraft. Cthulus, victoriana, horror and more! The round opens at noon on October 15th, here is a sneak peek at the items that is available! Taxi to Genre

Bam Bam! Bam-Bam-Bam!

As one of our designers said in a notice earlier that tickled me to death… “That translates to…” We’re almost ready for another round of [[Genre]] to open, and for this month we’ve gone back in time just a little bit… ok, a lot a bit… back to the Prehistoric Ages! As always, items from…

Welcome to Burlesque!

Show a little more, show a little less… Add a little smoke… welcome to burlesque! The curtain is getting ready to draw back to display yet another round of [[Genre]] featuring talented designers from all across the grid paying tribute to a much-anticipated genre: Burlesque! As always, items from our [[Genre]] designers are available for…

Heads Will Roll: New Republic Round at Genre!

The blade is sharpened and the town square is all a-flutter… will you lose your head over this round of [[Genre]]? Our talented designers have worked hard to bring you quality goods for this, the New Republic round of [[Genre]], and as a special treat, we’re opening TWO HOURS early, at 10am SLT today! ¬†And…