Genre is a  monthly event that focuses on celebrating the different cultures within SL.  With so many creators designing for these special communities, it was high time that they had an event of their own, not only bringing them and their talents to the general populace of SL, but also at a price everyone can afford.  Each month a specific genre is chosen along with a theme to help inspire and unify the designers in their creations, with a 25 – 75% discount, each item being new and exclusive to the event.  Starting on the 15th of every month and ending on the 12th, people will have a lil less than a month to visit the event.

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  1. caramia Mizin says:

    can you give me name of event or sim name so I can search, love to attend open to the public on the 15th.

    1. winrycarver says:

      The event will be at:

      Since this is just the shopping guide post (which is a preview of some of the available items), I don’t normally put in a link to the event, but I always will add one in the main post, right after things start. 🙂

  2. gabby5213 says:

    Is there a link to get the blogger application?

    1. earthmaiden99 says:

      Hi Gabby. At this time blogger applications are not open.

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