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[[Genre]] Designer Spotlight: [noctis] by Yelena Istmal

Well hello again!  As you may have noticed, we’ve started Spotlighting a blogger on our team each month before the Shopping Guide comes out, and so why not do the same with the Designers as well!  Each month, 1 week after we open, you will see a feature on a non-permanent designer – a designer… Continue reading [[Genre]] Designer Spotlight: [noctis] by Yelena Istmal

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Welcome to Burlesque!

Show a little more, show a little less… Add a little smoke… welcome to burlesque! The curtain is getting ready to draw back to display yet another round of [[Genre]] featuring talented designers from all across the grid paying tribute to a much-anticipated genre: Burlesque! As always, items from our [[Genre]] designers are available for… Continue reading Welcome to Burlesque!

Blogger Spotlight · Polynesian (Islander)

[[Genre]] Blogger Spotlight: Sugarfairy88 Resident

I have said it before, and I will keep saying it until I’m blue in the face: [[Genre]] has some amazing bloggers!  Ever since I began working with them back in April of this year, I have been more and more impressed with the work that they do for our talented creators, and the styles… Continue reading [[Genre]] Blogger Spotlight: Sugarfairy88 Resident

Polynesian (Islander)

A Little Relaxation in the Islands – Halfway Through Polynesian Round!

As we approach the halfway point through the Polynesian Round, the island breeze is still calling!  If you haven’t visited our little Polynesian getaway, now is your chance! Let’s see what our bloggers have cooked up for your viewing pleasure so far, including the artist behind our featured image: Hernia Aries!  Congrats Hernia! HERE is… Continue reading A Little Relaxation in the Islands – Halfway Through Polynesian Round!


Aloha! Islanders Have Taken Over Genre!

Feel the warm, salty breeze against your skin?  The gentle sound of the steel drums as the waves lap against the shoreline?  Something peaceful and easy about island time, and it’s taken over Genre like a well-deserved breath of fresh, island air. Our wonderful assortment of designers for this round have worked to bring you… Continue reading Aloha! Islanders Have Taken Over Genre!

New Republic

Before The Blade Falls: Last 2 Days of New Republic Round!

Pardon this post being over a week late.  Usually it comes up on the 1st, and it will go back to doing so next round, promise! With 2 days left in this round of [[Genre]], let’s take a look at what our bloggers have been up to, including the blogger who provided this round’s featured… Continue reading Before The Blade Falls: Last 2 Days of New Republic Round!

New Republic · Shopping Guide

Heads Will Roll: New Republic Round at Genre!

The blade is sharpened and the town square is all a-flutter… will you lose your head over this round of [[Genre]]? Our talented designers have worked hard to bring you quality goods for this, the New Republic round of [[Genre]], and as a special treat, we’re opening TWO HOURS early, at 10am SLT today!  And… Continue reading Heads Will Roll: New Republic Round at Genre!