Genre Round: Celebration

After another long and boring day at the office, nothing unusual happened; it was the same ‘ol same old. Nothing exciting seems to happen in life. As always, you clock out at precisely 5:00pm, and head for home, where, almost absentmindedly, you trudge up to the end of the driveway, and open the mailbox. A small letter falls, face down on the ground. Different from all the gray and brown bills neatly arranged in your hand, this piece of mail seems rather odd…

The envelope is covered in bright colourful splotches, as though someone had found a creative way to spill paint all over something! Intrigued, you pick up the letter and turn it over. On the front, written in prismatic ink, is an address that might be yours, but you cannot say for sure, as it reads “To the person with a life most dull!”. How strange this is, for there is no postmark, and the ‘stamp’ is drawn on using the same pen. You know of no-one who would have sent this. After glancing up and down the block, as though the sender might be lying in wait, you carefully open the letter. Inside, there is a slip of card stock, which is covered in sequins, ribbon and little happy doodles.

Upon further inspection, you find a tiny squiggle, which at first you think is just a slip of the pen, but it seems to be moving. Staring at it closely, you bringing the paper right up to the tip of your nose. Was it just a trick of the light? No, there it goes again! The squiggle is curling and uncurling one end, like a tail! The twisting stops, and the line unfolds. It bends and sways back and forth, as though dancing to music that only it can hear. Cautiously, but full of wonderment, you carefully touch it with the tip of your finger…

The squiggle stops dancing, straightens out for a moment and shudders. It quickly expands, wider, and wider until it fills the whole page! With great surprise, you discover that you are not holding a sheet of paper any longer, but a window into another dimension! You hear music, laughter and cheering on the other end. Is it a party? The window grows once more. It is now large enough for you to step through. The choice is yours: Will you join us?

Come along and celebrate, as we let our hair down, and experience the happiness and excitement of our third anniversary, at Genre!

[noctis] MInnervasTrundleBed_genre800x600

Trundle/day bed for two avatars, with lushly hued satin and velvet fabrics. Comes with accessories as shown and gives out a readable book for reading animation. Original textures. Comes with wearable HUD to choose blanket and pillow textures. (Single avatar version included in the box for those who want to save on prims.) Available for only L$100 during Genre.

[noctis] Walnut GF CLock_sq

Vintage aged Walnut and decal grandfather clock. Original textures. Available for only L$100 during Genre. Made by Yelena Istmal of [noctis].

C&F vintage_celebrate_dresses_for_genre

Vintage shelf bust mesh party dresses to celebrate in. Available in 6 colors, each with optional add-on sheer skirts. Available for L$100. Made by Abathyr of Cog & Fleur.

Colorworks Ad Shot

Available for L$75.

Cracked Ad Shot

Available for L$100.

Lacy Ad Shot

Available for L$75.

Painted Desert Ad Shot

Available for L$75.

Puzzle It Out Ad Shot

Available for L$10.

It’s a celebration! How do you celebrate? Dinner out? Art and chat? Something athletic? Private time in nature? Or something more private? Whatever you are doing to celebrate 2015 there are nails for you. Featuring the colors of the year, these nails should cover any eventuality. ((Appliers for Slink Hands and Feet)). Made by Lysa Helendale of Sense-Able Fashions.

[LJ] Pizza Day

Mesh Pizzas available in Cheese, Pepperoni or Mushroom. Available for L$100.

[LJ] Pizza Nails Gift

Hand-drawn Nail Appliers for the Maitreya Body. Available for free at Genre! Made by Tala Laval of Lost Junction.

[MUSE] Party Heels - Slink High - Neon Connfetti & Amethyst

Party Heels for Slink High Feet in Confetti, Vintage, Leather & Satin versions. Available for L$100. Made by Norena Soir of [MUSE].


Create a ceiling full of glowing paper lights for any party or gathering. Just two prims per cluster of lights. Available in 5 colors. Made by *Figment*.

_LE_ Radella Onyx

Available for L$100 per colour. Made by Anouk Haiku of Les Encantades.

Hanging Kain advert

A decorative banner with both tassel and non tassel versions. The tasseled one is 5 LI as rezzed, and non-tasseled is 3 LI. Available for L$100. Created by sohma dix of *paper moon*.

Bliensen - Surprise Surprise - Stripper Cake Ad

A very special cake for special occasions – you can keep your hat on! (But you don’t have to). Hide option, singing animation (with microphone), clap animation, 2 pole dances, five regular dances. Menu to adjust animations. LI ~18. Available for only L$100. Made by Plurabelle Laszlo of Bliensen + MaiTai.


Tea party table with five custom animations, holdable Teacup. Original mesh, beautiful pastel painted textures. 20LI Unlinked, 16 LI Linked Copyable. Celebrate in style! Available for L$99. Made by Distorted Dreams.

Party Party

As the theme is Genre celebration, June made this cute and fun Mesh/Materials “Party” dress! Features a cute blouse and colorful skirt with optional transparent lower skirt version and includes shoes + matching hat! Available in three versions: Normal, Lolas, and Flat. Made by June Dion of Barerose Tokyo.


Rigged Mesh Hair, available in 6 different colours.


Unrigged mesh, resizable headband.


All of these products are 100% Original creations and crafted exclusively for this event. Made by *[Eclat]*.

{RW} Av Attach - Celebrations Dance Balloons Prop

Wear/add the balloons from inventory to have your own little party prop, no matter where you go! 24 Mo-Cap dances are included, from burlesque to club, freestyle to something a bit more playful. You can add your own dances easily, just by dropping them in. Balloons have 8 texture options for each cluster so you can make them as colourful as you want. Available for L$100.

{RW} Bejewelled Celebration Balloon Clusters

These balloon clusters are meant to be thrown around where ever you want a little splash of color for your festivities. Available for L$75.

{RW} Bejewelled Balloons Set

Available for free! Made by Searlait Nitschke of Roawenwood.

.storybook. - Quinn Ad

Cocktail dress with an embellished waist sash. Available in 8 colors for only L$100 each! Made by Vix Nirvana of .storybook.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bleached Country Chair [ad]

Available for L$99.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bleached Country Table [ad]

Available for L$99.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Birthday Decoration Pack [ad]

Available for L$99.

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Bleached Country - complete Set [ad]

Complete set available for L$245. Made by Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale of 22769.




Nix Marabana says, “I wanted to celebrate Genre’s birthday by making a party dress… so I made a Genre jumping party dress!”

Rigged mesh, comes in 5 sizes with alpha, and in 5 genres: Lolita, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Steampunk and Gothic. Available for only L$99 per pattern type. Made by Nix Marabana of Anachron.

.mien. {celebration for two}

Couple pose including scene props (one bottle of champagne, one glass and a few candles) plus one copy and one transfer glass for the lady (attachment). Available for L$100. Made by Connie Stratten of .mien. poses.

The Stringer Mausoleum - Celebrate Eyes

Four Colourations of eyes, each sold separately, with one Free Wearable Demo pair to try out. Packs include System, Legacy, Mesh and Petite sizes/types. Available for only L$35 per colour, or L$100 for the Megapack.

The Stringer Mausoleum - Sparkleworks

Original, non-rigged mesh, sparkley, Fireworks-ish Head Accessory, which works with many hairstyles. Nine colours to choose from, with one colour being only L$10 for this special Birthday Round of Genre. All other colours are available for L$40, or L$150 for the Megapack. Made by Helena Stringer of The Stringer Mausoleum.

As always, everything you see is L$100 (excluding megapacks), but only for the duration of the event! So come on over, and celebrate with us!


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